The Santa ClausE

This film, for me, has a special place. Just like the last three reviews (Wonderful Life, Jingle all the Way, and Christmas Vacation), I hold this one pretty close to my heart this time of year.

Growing up, my parents didn't always get along. It never got to a point where I actually remember them fighting, and it wasn't anything at all "bad", they just didn't get along. So when I watched The Santa ClausE, I saw Tim Allen as my dad. Weird I know, but it's just one of things you don't really talk about.

Getting to the actual movie, has there ever been a more twisted move premise than this? I mean to get the job as Santa Claus, you have to MURDER the current Santa Claus. I mean what the hell is that?!? And the line where Charlie (Tim Allen's son) says he "will be going in to the family business" one day, did he just plot to murder his own father? What the f**k is that supposed to mean?

But, the most bizarre scene is right here.

Is that f**kin John Candy?? I looked it up online, there is NO reference for him ever being in this film, but he was alive during production (Candy died March 1994 while the film was released in theaters November of the same year). So what's the story? Does Tim Allen wearing fat make up really look that much like John Candy? I don't think so. There's some sort of conspiracy going on here.

Well whatever the reasons.. I love this movie. I watch it every year. I've already watched it twice this year, and who knows, that may lead to a third.

I give it 4 Oscar Meyer Weenie whistles out of 5.

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