Assassins Creed II and why I haven't plugged in my xbox in three weeks.

Ok so you know it's finals week for me, I've told you; but because of this dastardly week, I can't play video games. I haven't plugged in my xbox 360 since Thanksgiving weekend, and It must stay that way if I plan on passing Managerial Accounting. To make matters worse, my roommate Rob doesn't have to study for his finals. He just bought Assassins Creed II. It's an awesome game. I have to bar myself from the living room to not play it because I'm extremely jealous.

So I've made a rule; I will NOT play video games until Saturday. On Saturday, I have my Accounting final at 1030 am. When I finish, I'm driving to the store and buying a copy of this game.

God damnit.

I need to distract myself.

Jazzman's has frequented my blog recently so I'll talk about that place. I was there for about 4 hours today studying marketing. It was pretty cool. Ana, one of the coffee wenches, advised me on which muffins were good, so I got a blueberry. Washed it down with a Large White Mocha (because Grande sounds gay, and Vente is worse. If I wanted to say "Big as fuck" in Italian, I'd say "Super-size it") with no whipped cream. Since I stayed for so long, and because they love me, I got a free coffee again before I left. Decaf, I need to cut back on my Caffeine intake.

While getting the decaf I was hit on by a few llllllladies getting cherry turnovers. Felt pretty awesome. Kinda like when I got this note here. Remember that? yea I know how weird was that shit.

...And yes I know vente is "20" and yes I know that's 20 oz. in that cup. Imagine that.

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