At School, when you buy food at the diner on campus, they give you a receipt of your transaction. Ok, fine. That's normal. But what's unique about this situation is that you can't pick up your food from the other side of the counter without your receipt. Just like getting a dessert at Fudruckers or something.

So I wondered, as I often do, what would it be like if receipts were used as currency elsewhere? In situations for services as well?

Your divorce attorney calls and reminds you that there is a meeting with your wife and her lawyer this Wednesday. The only problem is he hasn't received his receipt yet and if it doesn't arrive in his office by Tuesday afternoon, his services will not be present at the hearing.

You go to the grocery store and pay for items at the counter, then with the receipt you can go pick them up in the aisles.

How bout when you drive through a toll, at the entrance of the highway you pay $5 and they give you a receipt. You now CANNOT leave the highway unless you present the exit booth with your receipt.

These are the things I think about while eating above par (crappy, I'm trying to change the phrase) cheese fries in the campus diner at 1 in the morning.

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