So you can trust crazy people on ebay...

I've had an ebay account for about 5 years now, and I've always been wary of purchasing anything from overseas. You hear horror stories from people that they don't send anything to you and it's just a scam to get your money. Well today I learned that it's all a load.

I recently bid on this item for my dad, as a christmas present. The first thing I notice (apart from the notable accuracy errors on the jersey) is that it only costs around $32 after shipping. This can't be real.. A homemade jersey with stitching and everything roughly $200 under what it costs through legitimate channels? It's being sold out of South Korea... It has to be a scam.

Turns out the sellers rating was pretty high and the transaction went smoothly. So if you, like I, were worried about the legitimacy of these "fake" jerseys, don't be. They will come in the mail (took mine about two weeks to get here) and it won't cost you a whole lot.

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Bill said...

I replaced my old Piazza jersey the same way. They're just able to make them alot cheaper overseas. My thought is always as long as their ebay rating is high, you should be good to go.