The Cereal Bowl

Yesterday, August, Zoe and I drove up to this place in Newark called The Cereal Bowl. It's pretty awesome. You combine as many as four cereals in one bowl with a whole bunch of different toppings. I ended up eating a bowl that had Life, Golden grahams, and cinnamon toast crunch, with strawberries on top.

I also had another bowl that had cocoa puffs, golden grahams, marshmellows, and bits of graham cracker. This place sounds like a kids dream, and let me tell you; it was F**king awesome. I made my own box and took it home. this one has fruit loops, fruity pebbles and trix in it.

This place is a chain with only two locations. The one we went to was the closest, the other being in Miami. We spoke with the owner and he was telling us the new location being built in DC is almost done. That's gonna be amazing.

My hat goes off to Anthony of the Newark Delaware Cereal Bowl, you were a great host and you sure know how to make a kick ass bowl of cereal.

On a side note, to all the people at the University of Delaware, i'm jealous that you not only have a cereal bowl, but you have a LITTLE CAESARS RIGHT DOWN THE STREET.



Corinne said...

There's a Little Caesars right smack in the middle of VCU in Richmond.

Bill said...

Sounds like a cool place!

bigtinypig said...

it was! and corinne, seeing that little caesars every time i went down there, I smiled! too bad i never visit anymore.