Secret girlfriend

New show on comedy central after South Park. I’m going to be honest with you, I thought it was gonna be stupid. I gave it a shot because I already had the TV on and I already had a cold frosty breverage in my hand, so why not enjoy or make fun of the show?

I gotta say, it was hilarious and interesting. The concept of the show is “you” (the viewer) is the main character. The side characters all look to the camera at you throughout the story. It makes for a more engaging experience, and it makes the show very watchable. It’s comical how this show seems to be written purely for the purpose of boosting the male viewer’s self esteem.

This show was probably written by guys, and definitely (I spelt def right!) for guys because every single female presence in the show is drop dead hot, and unrealistically cool. I mean it’s funny how ridiculous the scenarios are and the people in them are enjoyable but really? No 605’s? I mean I’m not complaining, but still.

If it wasn’t on after South Park, I probably wouldn’t have watched it. I’m glad I’ll did because I’ll probably tune in again next week.


Anonymous said...

Hells Yeah!! Also tuning in next week for Secret Girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

THE SHOW SUX! Leave this show for Youtube. The format is unoriginal and only works on the internet. It capitalizes of geeks and losers who don't know how to pick up girls. leave it to other losers to produce this stupid show, to stroke the ego's of other losers. Only dudes who don't get any would like this after they get bored of porn. Secret girlfriend is the downfall of American intellectualism, or what is left of it. It lacks plot development, character development, its creepy first person perspective, makes this show a student film. The acting is below B level, borderline highschool student film work, reflecting how horrible the directing of this show is too. There are better shows where there are hotter women and cooler characters. AKA Entourage, Californication, and more.

MrBigShotandhisUncleSlam said...

I thought the show was pretty funny David...and I pride myself on being a pretty intellectual person. The unique first-person perspective makes it engaging and fun (and this perspective alone makes it far more original than you're giving it credit for), the acting may be sub-par but the writing is far from poor. As for character development how can you complain about that after one episode? If you want huge amounts of character development immediately then read a book.

P.S. here's some character development I picked up on in the first episode...
Main character- Remains nameless because he's...YOU (pretty original)
Sam- Your goofy heavy-set friend that despite his appearance is surprisingly good at talking to women. He also has a love for making viral videos with his roommate and your other friend Phil.
Phil- Your other goofy friend that seems to have a better head on his shoulders than Sam.
Mandy- Your crazy, violent, and possibly homicidal ex.
Jessica- The girl you met at the liquor store that is not only gorgeous but also surprisingly cool and laid back. You're keeping her a secret from your ex hence the title.
I think thats some pretty decent character development by the way but that just may be me...