Future kids

Do you think, in the future, kids will hate on us "old people" because we had it so much better? I've often wondered if it would have been more fun being born in 1970, close to 20 years before my birth. So who knows what the kids will be like when I'm 40 in 2029.
Will the technology be massively improved or have we hit a plateau?
What about politically, will there be a war waging heavily on our country? Others?
What fads will be revisited as cool from today's culture?

I think that everything is cyclical and adjusts to the environment in some way; so how will the 20 years from now until 2029 affect that year's ideals? Shit will I still be here? I won't think about that side of it, but it's a thought for sure.

I'll leave on a thought that's been gnawing my brain for some time: If someone offered to tell you what your future held, would you want to hear it? I think I'd say no. What's the fun in life if there's no surprise?

Sorry for the late post today, this month has been great with timeliness, but I slacked off! Only 5 days to go til November, it's been a fast year!
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