Moneyball by Michael Lewis

Great read. I can't stress that enough. If you even remotely like baseball, it's worth a look. I personally put it at 2nd or 3rd on my favorite sports list, and this book still kept me reading it for and hour or so at a time (as opposed to the average 15 minutes I spend reading a day).

Billy Beane is the General Manager for the Oakland A's Baseball Club in the Early 2000's. He has different methods than other GM's in the league, and he's not ashamed to use them to his advantage. The tag line, "How to win an unfair game" speaks the truth as Billy manipulates the "traditional" stylings of how to run a team and proves that poor teams can win in Major League Sports.

Quick Thanks to Doug for providing this book for me, as I now I have to go out and purchase my own copy for my collection. And to think, I could have spent that time playing video games or some stupid activity.

Up next on the book docket is Playing Hardball by David Whitford. Should be great!


Bill said...

Agreed on Moneyball. Interesting choice for your next book- never read that. It would be interesting to see how close the book's predictions for those cities are, 16 years later.

bigtinypig said...

Mhmm. It's mostly about the battle to win baseball in those cities. talks about the stuff behind the scenes and such.