OK ...Never Write About That Again

[EDIT] Discovered myself on Comedy Central's Twitter Page

That would explain the heavy traffic. Who knew I'd make it there! Haha

Due to me writing about S#cret G____friend, my blog was bombarded by hits on Friday/Saturday. No doubt by weirdos but still, it was. One person was particularly interested in the show yet shared his comment with such negativity. His comment is here.

...To that I say;

It's a comedy show put on at 10:30 at night on Comedy Central. It aired directly after a cartoon where a dead Michael Jackson dressed up as a little girl (in a little boy's body) and won a pretty princess pageant. Are you really commenting on the production value and acting prose of this show?

Need I point out that this comment came at 2:00 in the morning. Why was this guying searching "Secret Girlfriend" or something of the like at 2:00 in the morning? Was he so disappointed he didn't find rude material on my site that he'd comment? poor guy.

In other news, hope everyone had a great weekend.
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