Jack Johnson

My appreciation for Jack's music has gone through phases..

To preface this discussion, I will say that I had my iPod on shuffle while walking and heard "Fortunate Fool" for the first time since, I don't know 2006? It's been a while.

There was a time when I didn't know who Jack Johnson was. At first, Bubble Toes and Flake came on the radio and I kinda liked it but really that was a bout it. My mom bought the CD because she liked it and I gave it a whirl on my walkman (wow a CD? and a walkman? long time ago!). Not too bad. Then I started researching his other stuff. Pretty darn good. A friend, Eric, was really into him so I thought I'd share that appreciation. At this time, I would have gone to a concert, and paid good money to go. I really enjoyed his stuff.

I began dating somebody and a few songs by him really stuck out with me about her. Which, obviously, increased my liking of the song. For a few posts on Music and Memory go here and here. With the passing of that relationship, I avoided listening to those songs and I found, months and months later, that the songs had been erased from my computer.

To deflect that depreciation of my Jack Johnson Fandom, I begun to think of him (and Dave Matthews, for separate reasons) as "frat boy" music. You know, a Bro. And I didn't want to associate myself with that kind of music. So I stepped back. At this time, I would not go to a JJ concert. Sorry Jack.

As it's been years since the relationship, and as I accidentally heard a song from him somewhere and unconsciously downloaded a slew of Jack Johnson onto my iTunes, and as I accidentally heard "Fortunate Fool" followed by "Tomorrow Morning" on my 1:00 am walk this early morning, I feel I've come full circle in my Jack Johnson music relationship. I feel now that I'm wiser, I won't make the mistakes of linking music to people on purpose. As i've done on numerous occaisions and talked about on here just as much.

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