Avoiding the rant and focusing on New Texts..

Rather than spewing out hate speak like all other "fans" at this point in the timeline, I choose to sit back and smile as all changes inevitably occur in the Washington sports scene. I smile, not because I contently welcome said changes, but rather to show disengagement from the situation so as to avoid getting hit in the face with a handful of monkey shit. I'm speaking, of course, about the recent goings on with the Redskins and all that mumbo jumbo. But as I said, I'm not going to discuss it because I choose not to do it through this medium.

So moving on.

Two new books arrived in the mail, along with a package from the McConnell Residence. Thank you sir.

Book one, The Birth of the New NFL How the 1966 NFL/AFL Merger Transformed Pro Football By Larry Felser promises to be a pretty interesting read; and, judging by the first 6 pages I managed to tackle upon opening the envelope it arrived in, it will be.

Book two, Glory for Sale Fans, Dollars and the New NFL By Jon Morgan focuses on the current expansions and moves (Baltimore, Cleveland, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Carolina, and possibly LA). This one is really about the money and the motivation behind moves, such as where the populations lie and where the cash is flowing that could motivate a professional sports team to move. [As a uni note, it should be recognized that the image of Ray Lewis is from his rookie year, and that helmet has the original Baltimore Ravens shield logo that was removed after this lawsuit]

Pretty good stuff! Best part about both of these books is that they were published 1997 or newer, meaning I won't have to hear of talks of future occurrences and be frustrated because it turned out differently. All this, plus the Playing Hardball I mentioned previously should make for a busy fall!

On a side note, check out my Tumblr page for some pictures I've been uploading. Nothing too fun, it's more for my purposes but you may get a kick out of it.

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