I had this sinking feeling that I may have written about this before, but after a quick (but not thorough) use of the search bar to your right, I found nothing. Regardless! It is halloween! It is the time to watch your favorite scary movie! I, unfortunately, do not have the greatest success when it comes to being perfectly calm after a scary movie. Some people, like myself, start hearing bumps and creaks in the floor boards or start to see tricks in the light out of the corner of the eyes. No matter, I resolve to watch my favorite movie.

But which movie?! What genre? You could go with the classic Horror, with one of your basic slasher killers like Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees and his mother. How bout Freddy? You could go way back and see a classic such as Dracula and Frankenstein! There are so many to choose from as our fantastic blogger and film director James Rolfe has pointed out over on his site www.cinemassacre.com for the past three Octobers. Or, you could go with the psycho thriller. One of those weird supernatural flicks that keeps bending reality. Those freak me out. Grudge got to me pretty easily. Or, how bout the many Zombie movies out there? New or old, they tend to be pretty good.

Personally, I'm kind of a smart ass. I like to think that humor is a good way to calm the nerves, and what better joke then to pico on the thing that's trying to scare you! Try watching the grudge, it's scary right? What if they kids weren't creepy looking, but actually looked, acted, and sounded like Jim Carrey in the Mask. Now that's pretty stupid, but it definitely takes the scare out of it.

I like movies that know they're a movie. That's why I like the Scream trilogy. They whole time I watch it, I think about how the cop (Arquette) and the reporter (Cox) end up getting married in real life, and how Cotton actually is a bad guy in the end. We've all seen it, we all thought one way or another about it, I just happen to like it a lot.

Any good movie series stops after three. Sometimes they shouldn't make a second one at all, but this one needed to continue. Sure, like any, they kinda fall off the edge at the end but the beauty of it is that they all know that it's gonna be a surprise ending. The fact that all of the surviving actors returned time and time again made it a great series. Kinda sad that matthew lillard died in the first one, but I'll always think of him as shaggy anyway.

My one major beef with this series is the first ten minutes of the first movie. Without a doubt, it's a great scene. I mean who doesn't want to see Drew Barrymore running away in slow motion. My problem is the fact that she's on the cover! She dies before the main character is even introduced! Really? We see this again in scream 2 with jada pinkett, and I just don't get it. They had to have done it for marketing purposes, I'm sure at the time Barrymore was at the height of her popularity and she sold a few tickets. How would you have liked to have been suckered into that movie strictly because you found out Barrymore was a headliner. I would have been pissed to see her go so early! Then again it is pretty funny!

Anyway, Happy Halloween to everybody and if you're driving, be careful. There are kids out there and you need to be going slow. I'll hopefully be able to catch a moment to watch some of this series, but I might not get to it. The beauty of scary movies on DVD is that you can always watch them in the afternoon on November 1st...

..when it's light out.


Bill said...

Scream makes my top 5, for sure. We watched it again this weekend and it has lost very little in 13 years. I can tell you that the Drew Barrymore thing was a HUGE deal then, it very rare that a huge star would be used in such a limited role and die so quickly.

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