That time of year... House!

For the past three years I've watched the entire series of House. This year marks the fourth year! and let me tell you, it takes much more time now than it did back in the fall/winter of '06.

I don't know what it is but I always enjoy watching this show when it's cold out and I feel it's much more beneficial to stay indoors. I've really liked laying in a warm toasty apartment (or in the last three years, a random dorm room/my house senior year of high school) doing homework while a familiar episode of House plays in front of me.

Sadly, this year I will have to suffer through season 5, not the best year by House standards, but I definitely look forward to every one of the season finales. My personal favorite is this one from season 2. If I were to pick a favorite episode though... Three Stories, hands down.

and as an unrelated poke: if you're struggling with ideas for a second or third blog, how bout one about movies music or tv shows? sure it's not original, but what you enjoy seeing and hearing is unique to you and your perspective on it is certainly different than ours. See, people do read your blog.

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Corinne said...

haha, thanks for the shout out paul.