Off-Brand Cereal

Who the hell decided that Kellogs and Post were so great? When did General Mills get so high and mighty? I'd like to see him in his private first class days. I bet he had no friends.

I buy the off-brand cereal from Giant. Does that make me a bad person? No. I remember when they came in the Big Bags at the bottom of the aisle. My mom used to buy these and put them in a plastic container. Who needs boxes with little bags in them! I'm sorry i've just always been a believer in what makes the most sense, and buying the off-brand seems to make way more sense to me.

It's not just cereal too, I buy off-brand OJ, off-brand peanut butter and jelly, It all tastes the same anyway. If anything, it tastes better cause I know I saved a dime or two from buying the name-brand stuff. Think about that the next time you're faced with buying the right stuff.

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