Bugs the shit out of me: perforated edges

You know what really bugs the shit out of me? Perforated edges. Specifically, those damn spiral notebooks that have what can only be described as an "attempt" at perforations. You ever tried ripping one of these SOBs cleanly out of the notebook AND succeeded? I think not.

These edges are cut so weakly that you're better off bringing a pair of scissors with you wherever you go.

Here's a scenario; you're in class and the professor asks you to take out a piece of paper. You look at those stupid dots on the left side of the notebook and say to yourself, "why did I buy this instead of a three ring binder.." You inevitably rip the whole sheet out and now you're stuck with tons of little paper things all over the place. I find these stupid clips of paper in pockets when I'm doing laundry a week later and I get pissed off again.

To this I say, "no more!" I will never again buy these god forsaken things again.

And that is what really bugs the shit out of me.
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