Gourmet McDonald's

Interesting scenario I was thinking about the other day. What if there was a completely gourmet McDonald's? Like, it has everything on the menu that a normal Mickey D's would, but it's prepared by top chefs. It actually looks like the pictures and everything.

All the fatty foods and non of the squished paper wrappers. I'd like to see it. I imagine it'd be set somewhere in New York or Chicago, some major city in the U.S. so it can be enjoyed to it's full potential. I also dream that they sell the McRibb and the Shamrock Shake year round. What a place that would be..

I've neglected a McDonalds for going on two years at this point, but if so
mething like this were to pop up, I'd give it a shot.
There'd be one of these things when you walk in, of course wearing a maitre d's outfit. I haven't decided on whether it'd be better if it was a plastic look-a-like or a full on guy wearing this get up and being the actual host.

It would be open from 6 am to midnight, and of course would serve breakfast. Outstanding. Who's with me. Franchise opportunities are available.

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Bill said...

I just watched an interesting special on Travel about the 10 most unique McD's. They had a waiter-based one in KY with 120 different menu items. Unfortunately, it failed. But they also have a regular McD's inside a mansion on Long Island, nothing about resembles a regular restaurant.