Unnecessary Sequals

They blow. I mean, what's the fucking point?

First off, you don't need to revisit an old movie to make tons of money. Hollywood studios need to know by now that original ideas are worth the risk. They pay off big. Just look at novels adapted to screenplays, Twilight, Harry Potter, Narnia, and most recently Benjamin Button.

I understand the risk of putting out a movie that is new (to the movie goers) but it's better than this crap. 

Teen Wolf too. -- I thought the first one was bad enough
Anything after American Wedding (American Pie Series) -- I mean the trilogy was a stretch to begin with. Fuck that was annoying. 
Legally Blonde 2 -- I'm honestly surprised Witherspoon signed on for this gem. 
Speed 2 -- I thought it was pretty good, but it's just too damn easy to make fun of. 
Disney sequals -- Hol y shit there's too many to name. Check them here and here 

That is all. 

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