The concept of anonymity is quite a strange thing. I have, and I'm sure you agree. Let me explain. 

First off, I'm not referring to the anti-scientology group. I'm referring to the concept. For a definition, click the title. 

I like the ability to communicate ideas under the condition of anonymity, for instance an anonymous tip to police in the case where you protect your identity from criminals. If one has the capability to help the community and themselves, why not do it? 

I do not completely understand the anonymous donation though. Say AT&T is donating $10,000 to a university so they can build a new communications wing or update communications throughout campus. Why would they anonymously do this? What's wrong with the publicity? Is there a tax right off for giving a donation? Do they not want the attention; so they don't have to give every university a donation?

In some cases "anonymous" is misused. Or at least I think so. Would it be incorrect to say that a quote said by an unknown person is anonymous? Wouldn't unknown be more fitting? The person who said the quote surely didn't prefer that they be left anonymous; which, I thought, was a condition of anonymity.

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