Psych has become one of my favorite shows. I am looking forward to the next dvd release.

Kung Fu movies

why are they always dubbed? shouldn't they just be subtitled? maybe it's because the action is the focus and you're not supposed to be reading the script. but then again, how often is there intense dialogue during a fight scene?

and how funny would it be for a subtitle of this scene to be written during a scene where too people are fighting in a steel factory:

man - "i know you slept with my sister, now you must die!"
woman - "it is not i who must die, it is you. you are delusional and believe you have a sister!"
man - "what do you mean? i am a llama and you are my grains! of course i am speaking metaphorically."
woman - "ayayayayayayaya"

well. that's enough of that.

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