Back at school

I wish they would remake Back to the Future. NOT because i think it would be a worth while movie experience, but because i'd like to see how they would do it. the entire series is one of the most amazing movie series of all time and i feel it deserves some cheesy recognition.

who would play marty? doc?
einstein? oh wow. that's depressing. that dog probably died years ago.
biff? Jenny? didn't two people play jenny in the original series? they should do that this time too. that would be hilarious. especially if it was obvious.

i also think they should keep the time periods the same. even though "present day" in that movie is 1985. it would be an interesting perspective to see it from that pov from today's minds on a national scale. i know some people who don't even know what back to the future is. that's sad.

well i'll be back lata.

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