Bunk Beds

Which is better? Top or Bottom?

Argument for the Top:

1) When guests come in your room, they almost always go for the seat that is the bottom bunk. If you have the top bunk, you don't have guys with sweaty asses sitting on your bed.

2) When you get out of bed to take a piss and get ready for class, you're less likely to fall back into bed and fall asleep.

3) The top bunk was the one you LOVED when you were a kid. Nostalgia points.

Argument for the Bottom:

1) The opposite situation for the top, when a chick comes in, she sits on your bed, you sit next to her and make a joke about where the magic happens and yea.

2) If your roommate has the bottom and he's jerkin the chicken, you're going along for the ride. All the more reason to take the bottom and make him jerk the chicken in the bathroom.

3) Easier to get a date on the bottom bunk. Try convincing you're girl that tonight's the night and you gotta climb up a ladder. Buzz kill.

If it's me, I vote against bunk beds all together. It makes for a great space saving experience but it's not great for everything else.

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