geometry in nature.

So i never really thought about slopes and inclines that much outside of the classroom. In the last week however, it snowed and iced. I have been contemplating the steepness of ramps and the slick ice on the surface. I now know most of the inclines on this campus and how I should and should not walk on those surfaces.

For example,

I avoid walking down slopes when they are slick. If I can help it, I walk down stairs or walk on the flat sidewalks and go through buildings when I need to go down to the east end of campus.

On the other side, I prefer to walk all together on the "grassy" areas because they are less slick. Even if these areas are all ice, they are a little more doable than the sidewalks with black ice on them.

I think overall, I enjoy snow and ice pretty well. I like rain better, but I don't mind snow and ice as other things.

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