Basketball Game and New Old Jersey's

I went to the Wizards v Bucks game tonight, soo much fun even though they lost. I wore an old basketball jersey that my dad got when he was in high school (roughly 1974-6). It is a nice old blue with yellow trim and numbers with green/blue/yellow checker pattern on the in seam. It looks amazing and I'll post a pic when I get my computer back (it's at school and i'm not).

The cheerleaders or dance team or whatever they're called at the wizards game tonight were incredibly attractive. Why aren't there cheerleaders for baseball? I could get into this basketball thing. good god they were nice.

When I got home, I found another new old jersey in the mailbox, I had ordered a blank Minnesota North Stars Jersey from Ebay last week and it already arrived. I also ordered a patch that I can sew on there so that will also be posted later when I can.

For now, I leave you with pics of the ladies on the court.

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