The Men's Room: A final Showdown

Part Three: The Sinks

Last we spoke, I discussed the different outcomes of a urinal selection.

Today, I would like to embark on a journey of washing your hands.

First off; if you don't do it, you're a sick bastard. You have to realize that there are times when it is absolutely necessary to take advantage of the tools given to you.

So after you finish your "business" at the trough, you make your way to the sinks. The first thing I look at, is the faucets. Sometimes you get lucky, as you did in here and there's a handicap sink. Sometimes they're a different style faucet. Like this one here. These are the faucets you're used to at home or in a kitchen.

However this is the BS we have to deal with in a public restroom. Not this that's would be too convenient. This shit is what they give us. Like we're not able to handle it.

So once you get passed the fact that you're given a less than stellar faucet, you have to deal with the soap dispenser. My personal favorite, that foam stuff you get. But sometimes (like at my elementary school) you would get the worst smelling soap EVER. You might have had it, it was kinda yellowish green and smelt like what prison soap would smell like. I hate that stuff.

And finally, you have the hand drying methods. All in favor of paper towels, say yay.


All for blow dryers?

Yea i didnt think so. Those things suck.

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