Baseball Fan

I think i need to pick a team to follow as "my" team. I've never been a baseball fan, so much as a sport fan in general. I mean I'll call myself a Redskins/Capitals/Wizards Bullets fan before i'd call myself a nats fan.

I guess i'd be a POTOMAC fan before anything, whether they be known as the nationals, the cannons or the yankees/pirates back in the PW days. But i'd like to have some sort of affiliation with a major league club.

But then again, do i want to have that connection? is that one more thing i'd blow money on? or would it be worth the connection? i have all this "free time" i have during the summer where there are ZERO sports on apart from baseball.
current candidates are, followed by reasons:

Seattle Mariners

I've always liked the city of Seattle, ever since I was younger. It might have to do with my favorite movie, it might be because it's on the west coast, and it might be because I love rainy weather, but the connection is there. So why not be a Mariners fan? The Uniforms are classy and I love the fact that they play outside in safeco field.

Oakland Athletics

I have no connection with oakland, the consideration here is for the uniforms. I mean look at those stirrups... and the yellow sanies too!

Washington Nationals

the home team, do i really need an explanation??

Florida Marlins

No real reason here, new stadium coming soon ad well as a possible name change to the miami marlins. why not?

Chicago Cubs

And finally, the chi-cubs. very classy uniform, as well as the deep history of losing. no one could ever accuse me of being a bandwagon fan with any of these teams, especially the cubbies.

or i could become a women's basketball fan.


Bill said...

My personal suggestion would be Nats, since you live here, and can always say when they get good, i rooted for them when they sucked. Always considered the Mariners my AL team.

bigtinypig said...

that's true, in baseball i can have an NL and AL team.. it's not that sac-relig because you'd never play each other really..

i think it'll be seattle and washington, because i am a homer, as much as i dislike the nats organization.