Summer Fun away from the Pfitz

This past weekend, I got as far away from Pfitzner Stadium as possible. Yet I ended up in two ballparks, one that looked like the Dick Pfitz and one that shared the same team name.

The Harrisburg game was awesome, apart from the mayflies and the long drive, it was a great escape from home. I'll be headed back up in late July to see another game in these seats.
It's funny how these two teams are affiliated after being built in 1984 and 1987, and it took the Nats to bring them together in '05.


The next day, we headed over to Nats Park to see the Billy Joel / Elton John concert. After a Piano Fail, the show got rolling and it couldn't have been better. I really enjoyed seeing these two legends in person and would like to thank Bill again for the ticket. Thanks man.

Here's a few extra shots:


The Best Job in the Ballpark


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Bill said...

My pleasure man, had a blast! A great weekend indeed!