Traffic Cones

What's the fascination with stealing these? Every person I know has at one point stolen a traffic cone, and I am not exaggerating in the slightest.

And it's not just the cones; it's signs too. When my dad went to school, he stole a no parking sign strictly so he could park there!

I personally have a taste for random memorbilia. Banners from dated festivals, old posters with a "free" sign taped next to them, and christmas lights left by the way side.

My room (at school) is not the clean and organized room i prefer at home, it's the christmas lights strewn on the ceiling, the posters, the banners, the mismatched floor rugs, the purposely non-matching sheets, but ZERO traffic cones. That's because i'm a classy kind of guy. Who puts a friggin traffic cone up in their room? are you proud of that? what's wrong with you people.

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