Blog traffic

Or should this one be called traffic blogging?
We're currently on our way to see the Harrisburg Senators in Pennsylvania. Game time is 7:05 tonight, I hope we make it up there long before then!

Traffic has always been the bane of my existence. Anyone within 30 miles of DC shares that feeling with me I'm sure, as it's hard to anywhere in this area without hitting bumper to bumper traffic at sometime of the day.

Maybe it's the stop and go feeling, but I think it's the strong sense of being late or not accomplishing the feat of getting to where I need to be. I always get frustrated by it.

So to overcome this anxiety, I like tp play a game in my mind. Every car that's on the road is trying to move forward, so if I imagine the cars 4 miles ahead of me wanting desperately to move ahead, and the cars 4 miles ahead of them desperately trying to move forward, etc., the stress gets less intense.

We all want to get the fuck off this road.
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1 comment:

Bill said...

Good mind game! I usually only get stressed when I'm the one driving. Or if I'm running late. But I can't wait to live someplace where traffic is not an issue.