The Commsioner

I'm surprised I haven't mentioned this gentleman before on this blog, but I figured now is as good a time as any.

Maybe it's because I'm no longer in Food Service, and therefore RARELY encounter this particular individual on a daily basis, or maybe it's because I've avoided him like the plague, but I hardly have the distinct 'honor' of speaking with him anymore.

Today was the exception.

I was trapped in the Ticket Office completing one of three reports and in walks in the commisioner of baseball (I call him that because I can't remember his actual name). He takes a seat next to me and asks to use the phone. This begins a unnecessarily long period of me explaining how to dial the number. He gets off the phone and says he has to wait a few moments.

I did everything i could to NOT start a conversation, and certainly refused to contribute to anything he has to say, but without me to interrupt him, he continued talking about baseball and his son and the orioles and his father (or grandfather, i can't remember at this point becuse i was trying not to gauge my eyes out to distract from the pain of hearing this man's life story for the TENTH TIME).

Needless to say (then why am i saying it?), he eventually requires some interaction or response from me to continue the story, I reply with as little information as possible, and off he goes...

He's left the office. But I still feel his nagging on the right side of my face. Honestly I'd rather continue my education at Parkside Middle School and hear the Teacher's condesending tone for hours on end instead of listening to this old bastard ramble like it's his job.

You may be asking me through your computer screen (I can't hear you, it doesn't work that way) if I'm being to harsh, "why, Paul, are you so mean to this person? What has he done to warrant this cruelty?" I, ever so politely, respond to you with a resounding, "STFU HE'S ANNOYING AND TRUST ME I'VE TRIED TO CARE BUT GOD HELP ME I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!"

Thank you for your time and please enjoy the rest of your day.

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Bill said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!