Family Guy obsession has officially reached that level.

In the near future, you will be seeing the beginning of a cross-blog collaboration between myself and Bill over at Bill's Big Baseball Page The main idea here is that the two of us will (independently) be rating each of our favorite 50 or so episodes from Family Guy. There are currently 120 episodes, and as an obvious effort to save time and energy, we will not be able to rate all of the episodes, at least not for the purposes of this countdown.

After watching and rating, we will come up with our mathematical favorites in a top 10 style countdown. I personally will be breaking that up into a 5-part series, with clips and quotes from two episodes per post on this blog.

The very next thing you'll see about this will be our collaborative rating system, based on several criterion.

Keep you're eye out for more to come!

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Bill said...

OOOHHHHH!!!! I'm so excited!