Bugs the Shit Out of Me: Sliced Bread

Wheat Bread, toasted, with mayonnaise spread oh so thinly, topped with one slice of bologna. multiply by 2, add goldfish and a cherry pepsi, and you have a delicious meal.

But here's what really Bugs the Shit Out of Me, why are there 18 slices of bread in a loaf, but there are only 8 silces of bologna in a pack? did they not realize they would be off? I like those end pieces, so I utilize the full 18 slices, but why the frick would they miscalculate so that there is left over bread? is this some scheme to make me by two packs of bologna? but then i have too much! so i buy more bread, and then here we go again..

The perfect amount, in case you were wondering (shut up i know you were curious), is 8 packs a piece of each. So if i buy 8 packs of bread and 8 packs of bologna, i'll have the perfect amount for a sandwich.

that's horse-shit! i'm not gonna blow that much money on food! I guess I should invest in a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly and suck it up on that last two slices of bread.

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