A new year!

A few things to kick off the new decade.

I am so glad the oughts are over, because now we can refer to them as the oughts. How cool is that? What about the current decade, the teens? The Tens? I don't know man...

My resolution; pass all my classes the next two semesters. And since we know no one ever follows their resolutions, I also resolve to fail one class in the next two semesters. Somethings gotta give! But just for fun; I resolve to have a beer in three different time zones this year. That includes the East Coast, and I'll knock out the Pacific TZ when I head over there in a week. Just one more..

Is it just me or are you excited to see 2010 written down? Or even 1/1/10? That's exciting. It's been so long since there wasn't a zero as the second to last number in the year. That, and I'm excited to see the blog archives become a whole lot shorter because 2009 will collapse! How weird?

A year ago today I wrote about charades in this post. I think it's funny how similar my tone is from that original post, and yet I feel like a different person. That's what a year can do to someone I guess.

Quick note: I think I'm deffinitely (or is it definitely?) done following Gilbert Arenas on twitter. Here's his first string of posts.

Well that was fun while it lasted. Speaking of twitter, you can always follow me over there. My blog automatically updates on twitter when I write something here. That and I try to keep it interesting, like informing you when I hear a Janice Joplin song! If you do a search on my previous twitter updates, you'll find 6 posts with "bobby" and two with "Janice" in it. hilarious.

Final note for today: the post a day rule no longer applies.
...I know you're all so sad. Trust me, I am too. But I think I'm going to take away the rule and see how well I can handle it for a month. If I stay here and keep posting, it means this blog really grew on me and I like talking to you myself. I like letting you all listen to me talk to myself.

Have a safe drive home from wherever you are, and I'll see you all real soon.

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