Frequent Stops

Ok so driving around the other day and the car in front of me has a big sign on the back reading "Frequent Stops".

And that's it.

Now normally, I'd have no problem with it. But then I got to thinking, as I always do, and I wondered what his definition of "frequent" was. I mean for me to get to work from school, I make approximately 15 stops at intersections and for stray ducks. Is that "frequent"?

I followed this guy for about 10 miles, not in a creepy way, he just happened to be in front of me for 10 miles, and he stopped zero times. So why the sign? I feel like having a sign on your car saying "Frequent Stops" means you must stop frequently.

And here's another problem, why doesn't the car have a sign saying why it stops frequently? I've seen other cars that say "Frequent Stops - Mail Delivery" and "Frequent Stops - Construction", so why did this car not have an explanation? What was he hiding?

Sketchy son of a gun.

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