Donut Expedition

First video, let me know what you think! Comments can be anonymous if you don't have a google ID.


Sarah said...

who knew a donut run would be so entertaining? a+ on music, material, and matching shirt with pj pants.

i hate safeway, too. it never has what i'm looking for. too bad it's the closest grocery store to my house.

bigtinypig said...

Thank you for the comment Sarah! I actually just got those pants for xmas haha

And yes I feel your safeway pain.. I always loved it until I turned 12 and realized that it blew. Harris Teeter on Hoadly is now "my" go to grocery store.

whatsarahsaid said...

Same! If I'm feeling really adventurous I go to Wegmans. Down at school there's a Teeter about two feet away from my apartment, it's pretty sweet.

Bill said...

Well done sir! Looking forward to the "Seattle files"!