"Seattle Diaries" Part I ..

But I like to call it the Emerald City Tour of 2010.

Waking up after a four-hour nap at 1:00 am this morning and driving to the airport to arrive in Gate D13 at 5:00 am in BWI was the beginning. I find myself typing this post while airborne somewhere between Chicago and Seattle headed west in a United Airlines Boeing 757. I anticipate landing sometime around 10:20 local time, so by the time you are having your lunch, I’ll be starting my day.

My total travel time today will be sometime around 5 hours in the air. By my watch it’s 7:00 am, I already set it back to Seattle time. Hopefully I won’t be experiencing any lag as I’m operating on only a few hours sleep.

Up on the docket for today is trying to check in to my hotel early I’m not optimistic. The only definite plans I have for today is a trip up the Space Needle for dinner at 8:00 tonight. I have planned to going to Pike Place today. This is the famous fish market you always see in movies and television with Seattle.

Here’s my Day 1 in the itinerary I prepared. Keep you’re eyes on the blog for more updates to come.

As an aside, I have “Glow” by Alien Ant Farm stuck in my head. Check it out.

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