Tv guide channel

Speaking of the on screen guide that pretty much everyone has used..

I was flipping around literally the other minute (and I say literally because I don't mean to exaggerate, this event actually took place between 60 and 120 seconds ago), and I see that there's a tv guide channel.

Now I haven't actively used the tv guide channel since I was 12 and I wanted to see what was on the spice network. So I was a little interested to see that this guide channel still existed. And as you know, I have the on screen guide, and the screen had the little tv guide logo. But, the title said, "punk'd".

I hit info.

Now my mind was a blowin when I flip to the channel, but first I hit the "I'm curious" button.

I hit info, and I see: punk'd - julia stiles, the rock, kaley cuoco. Comedy.

I'm thinking, "ok, they made a typo or something." People are trying to find what's on the spice network, and some jokester down at comcast is messing with my head.

Curiosity gets the best of me, and I switch over to tv guide channel. Now as you all know, the screen is split in half on this channel. The top half shows some c-listers talking about their latest film while the boxes scroll up on the lower half of the screen.

They were playing punk'd on the top half.

Now remember how my mind was blown? Yea well seeing the rock being yelled at by a fireman while a building is burning down and the other half of the screen is slowly scrolling up and telling me shit that I already f**king know blew my god damn mind.

But then as I sat there watching this screen, I began to think. Why would the tv guide channel exist on my tv when I have the on screen guide? The house that i live in subscribes to digital cable, nothing fancy just the single step above the regular cable. We don't pay for extras or anything.

We have all this, and the cable company knows this. So why did they throw punk'd and tv guide at me? I have the tv guide by hitting up down left and right. I don't need a designated channel.

I hope your mind was at least partially blown by all of this.
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