Sitting in Ihop, there is a tray of condiments. Of course there are four varieties of syrup and the go-to salt and pepper shakers. There's ketchup, steak sauce, chalula, and tabasco.

And then there's mustard.

I love mustard, first of all, but I have a problem with its presence on my table at this moment. You see the ketchup bottle is plastic, the hot sauces are liquid, and yet the mustard in its clumpy spreadable glory is in a glass bottle. My childhood, as I'm sure yours was too, was full of slapping the sides of ketchup bottles. I thought we had moved past this. Why would they have a glass mustard bottle and a plastic ketchup bottle?

Now the symbol of the heinz ketchup bottle is iconic. It springs memories of home cooking and comfort. But how many people below the age of 30 have ever used a glass mustard bottle? No. Not the grey poupon jar, I'm talking about a full sized bottle. Bush league. I'm glad we've finally moved away from the glass bottle mustard and relish and mayo, but I can tolerate a glass ketchup bottle for the nostalgia factor.

Get it together ihop.
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