Redskins 6 - Steelers 23

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3 things that went wrong:

3rd/4th Down ------> 1st Down

The Skins could not capitalize on 3rd or 4th down tonight. This was a terrible performance on on the Offensive side of the ball. We only had one 1st down in the first half and it cost us the game. 

Turnovers (on downs, on punts, and on INT)

The potentially perfect season for Jason Campbell has ended tonight and with it, we add a loss to the column on the right. The punt that was blocked by the Steelers early in the game led to a TD and that was Plackemeir's first blocked punt of his long career. To bad that could have helped us not lose the game. Finally, failed attempts on 4th down really killed this team. Those last few drives in the 4th quarter should have been field goal attempts (with the exception of 4th and goal on the 1). 

Don't be fancy. Stick to you're playbook.

The Skins wandered away from their playbook sometime in the 2nd quarter when they stopped utilizing the number one running back in the league and started throwing on 1st down. The 4th and goal play call was a terrible decision and they payed for it. It should have been a QB sneak or a dive by Portis or Sellars. 

3 things that went right:

Portis was the playmaker

It seemed like the only offensive player of the Redskins was Clinton Portis. He didn't get 120 like he did the last 5 weeks, but he did have the most yards on the Redskins for rushing and second most for receiving yards (53 and 73 respectively). 

Kick returns impressed

Rock Cartwright did his job. Great returns by this guy. 

Punting by Plackemeir

With the exception of the blocked punt, Big Boy blasted all of his punts way down field for a 43.7 yd average, with one inside the 20 and one touchback. Much better than Durant Brooks.

Game Excitement Rating:


Not a great game for offensive football lovers. The Steelers had two good drives, but that was it for offense from both sides. A few turnovers didn't make up for lack of explosiveness from the teams. 

Game Ball:  Steeler's Defense

The Steeler's stopped the redskins on all facets of the defense. They played tight on the receivers and they stopped Portis. Well played game by the defense causing 2 turnovers and one blocked punt as well as numerous stops on 4th down and 3rd down. 

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