Paul's Weird Collections: Pennants!

Well, when I finally leave this world, no one can say that I didn't spend some time collecting junk. I'm going to begin posting my weird collections on a somewhat regular basis, and I thought today was as good as any to start.

So, with day one; pennants! Below is my first set.

Now, in this picture, we have quite a bit to talk about. Starting from the top row of vertical pennants, we have two that I have absolutely no interest in. While purchasing a pennant on eBay, these two came with it. The far left is the 1998 NHL All-Star Game in Vancouver, and on it's immediate right is the Gretzky era LA Kings. Next we have the Washington Federals (of USFL fame). We're then followed by the Washington Capitals (ick on the color scheme) and the Washington Bullets (damn that's sexy). The bottom right of the photo features the Norfolk Tides, Richmond Braves, Alexandria Dukes, Washington Nationals (2005), and the Potomac Cannons (approx 2003). Then the far right of the frame, you'll see the 2008 Potomac Nationals, 2007 Potomac Nationals, Washington Nationals (1901-1961), and the Washington Senators (1961-1972).

Next, we have an assortment of Redskins pennants, from top left down; 1991 NFC Champions, 1987 Super Bowl match-up, 1987 NFC Championship, 1982 NFC Champions (dig the curved feathers under the helmet), the 1937-86 50 year anniversary (sponsored by Shell). The right side has four more; the standard helmet, but this one has a Happy First Birthday inscription on the back from my dad (1990). Below we have, 1991 NFC Championship, 1991 Super Bowl Championship, and 1991 Super Bowl Championship.

This next one's a little more fun. On top we have three standard redskins helmet, but the bottom 6 are my favorites in the whole batch. We have (from the left) the Yellow Shell "R" helmet, the indian head logo from the 30's, another really old one with a running man image, and on the bottom right of the picture, three of the same pennant. the 1982 Super Bowl Championship pennant. Again, love the curved feathers!

This one is the weirdest, now. Can anyone tell me why they made an 1983 AFC Championship pennant for a team that LOST the AFC Championship to the Oakland Raiders?

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